White Villages Malaga

Among the Ronda mountains there are some of the most beautiful rustic villages. These are known as "Pueblos Blancos" (White Villages). Each year, once the rains of spring have gone, their homes provide a blank dazzling contrast with the brightly colored flowers that fill the streets and the surrounding mountains.

Most of the white villages inhabitants are farmers, stockbreeders and other kind of artisans. There you can find the best products of this land at very low prices, like the homemade honey, bread, olive oil, wines and the wide variety of fruit typical of the area.

Apart from the rich gastronomy, the white villages of Malaga also highlight for its magnificent views. You can get excellent photographs of the rustic houses or the great Cathedrals and Churches, and of course the impressive landscapes that the Andalusian white villages provide.

Ojen - Malaga white village
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