Manilva Malaga

Surrounded by a beautiful vineyard of moscatel grapes, Manilva stands on the border with the province of Cadiz in an enchanting area of winding cliffs called Punta Chullera.

The Parish Church of Santa Ana, the "Vizcarronda", the 17th century aqueduct and the Roman remains in the district near the castle are the most significant examples of Manilva's architecture.

A stroll through the village, a tapa in one of its bars or a visit to one of the beaches are all most pleasurable experiences, especially at festival time: La Virgen del Carmen, on July 16th, Santa Ana on the 26th, La Virgen de Agosto at San Luis de Sabinillas and the Grape harvest Festival (first weekend in September). In addition to its large beaches, the coast is home to a number of places of interest, such as the Pleasure Harbour and Punta Chullera Tower.

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