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Marbella has been for years the center of European luxury lifestyle. Exclusive hotels, restaurants, clubs, nightclubs, boutiques, shops, are located in this city.

Their whole town is full of housing developments and luxury hotel complexes (Guadalmina, Los Monteros ...), with superb sports facilities, where you can practice all kinds of sports: tennis, paddle, squash, mini-golf, golf, sports Nautical (such as surfing, sailing, windsurfing, taste, sport fishing, diving ...)

Marbella is close to large urban centers: Malaga, Cadiz, Granada, Seville, and it is almost bordering Africa through the Port of Algeciras. It is a well connected city both by road through National Highway 340, Highway and Motorway of the Mediterranean Costa del Sol E-7 exit, and with the International Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport in Malaga just 45 kms to the East. By train, the nearest train station is in Fuengirola, 27 kms to the East of Marbella.

Marbella car hire

Marbella is about 51km west from Malaga airport and about 60km from Malaga city centre. There are many places to visit in Malaga, and that is the reason we highly recommend the Marbella car hire option. By renting a car in Marbella you will be able to visit not only Marbella and Puerto Banús but the surroundings:

Marbella to Mijas Pueblo
Located 35km northEast from Marbella. While driving to Mijas Pueblo, you will find incredible and beautiful views. By the way, you can see the Costa del Sol from high altitudes, even you can reach up to see Sierra Nevada. Mijas Pueblo is a very recommended visit you may not miss.
Marbella to Nerja
Located 115km from Marbella, Nerja will show you also beautiful views while driving. There are many interesting spots for all sort of public; from not crowded golden sand coves and beaches to the nightlife or sightseeing which worth the visit.
Marbella to Malaga city
60km east from Marbella you will get to Malaga city center. While visiting the monuments you can always discover the not crowded spots of this beautiful city. 60 Km means about 40 minutes by car, and a few hours by bus as there is no train yet from Malaga to Marbella; that is the main reason we recommend the car hire Marbella option, we want you to discover Malaga at all, not just a part!

Those three are some of the places to discover; of curse you are able to visit all of those places by bus, but taking in consideration the poor public transport in Malaga, the journey can take up to some hours due road traffic and slow buses. We highly recommend to rent a car in Marbella.

Marbella airport transfers

Other option you can use instead Malaga airport car hire, is the transfer from Malaga airport to Marbella; or once in Marbella you will be able to use the many Marbella transfers services to get to any place of your choice, there are golf transfers, night time transfers, Marbella shuttles. Marbella is a very popular destination and you will find no problems when looking for private taxis in Marbella. We know that even at the time you have to left Marbella on your way to Malaga airport, the most comfortable and fast way is a Marbella transfer or shuttle to Malaga airport.

Marbella accommodation: Hotels, Villas and homes

Finding hotels in Marbella, Malaga is not a difficult task. Marbella and Puerto Banus are very popular destinations, and depending on your budget you will be able to find something perfect for you.

The price for accommodation in Marbella depends on location, category and season. You will be able to find cheap hotels if you reserve ahead of time, especially during summer. There is also a wide selection of villas and apartments rentals in Marbella for your holidays in the Southern Mediterranean.

Marbella hotels and apartments

One of the popular and quality hotels in Marbella is the hotel Don Carlos; Although it might not be one of the cheapest hotel, we recommend it if you can afford it.. Depending on the season the price can vary from 400€ / night.

Marbella beaches

There are many Marbella beaches along the Costa del Sol, from Guadalmina to Las chapas on its more than 30km of beaches, some of them better than others, you will find intimate beaches , popular and crowded to nudist beaches or even desert beaches in Marbella.

The urban dark sand beaches of Marbella, are all of them practically the same, crowded, with bars, hammocks, and recreational activities. We suggest La Fontanilla beach, Playa Faro, Pinillo beach and Venus, the two last are semi urban area with a lower occupation. If you own a car or rented a car in Marbella, we highly recommend going to other places out of Marbella to experiment the beauty and sensations of Malaga beaches.

Marbella nightlife

If you want to experiment the luxury of Marbella and have fun, there are many options and nightclubs to visit. The Marina, or Puerto Banus are two nice options to start with.

Marbella information

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