Car hire Seville

If planning to come in high season, take in consideration to reserve your accommodation and hire a car ahead of time if you don’t want to get bad surprises in your holidays.

Car hire in Sevilla is a great option which will make you to experience the city life in Sevilla, and you will be also able to visit the surrounding Sevilla cities like Malaga, Cadiz, Puerto de Santa Maria...all of them just 1,30 or 2 hours far from Sevilla city.


Car rental Seville

When going to Sevilla for holidays and looking for car hire Seville, you are looking for quality, qualified staff who will attend your needs in your own language, a car rental company you will not have to worry with, and a friendly support? We have worked with the best car hire companies in Sevilla for over 10 years and important things to us are customer service and quality.

When visiting Sevilla, why not hiring a car for also visiting the surroundings without the inconveniences of public transport?


Seville airport is located 12 kilometres to the north of the city, connected by the E-5 motorway, in the direction of Madrid.

The design of the Airport was based on Seville's cultural roots, using three traditional components: the mosque, the palace and the orange trees. An orange grove greets the travellers upon their arrival at the airport before they enter a hall, coloured blue by the effect of the glazed roof tiles, and crowned by a line of arches supported by vaults.

Though Seville airport does have some international traffic, it basically deals with domestic traffic, which represents 79.8 % of the total. There are daily flights from Paris and London, and from Alicante, Valencia, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Madrid and Barcelona.

Weather Forecast

The Weather in Sevilla is really hot in the summer, especially in August. Sevilla holds the record for the hottest city in Europe with a record of 50° C (122° F). On those days the streets are literally empty during the middle of the day. If you want to go out you better do so before 10 am and then not until maybe 11 pm at night.

In the winter the temperature will almost never break the freezing mark with a mixture of beautiful clear, sunny winter days with overcast but warm days. The evenings are noticeably cooler. First rains start late September or early October and can be heavy but rarely last more than a day or two. The daily highs are about 20ºC and nightly lows rarely below 10ºC.

Accommodation: Villas and Hotels

Finding Hotels in Sevilla, Spain is not hard. Sevilla is a culturally rich andalusian Business City with many hotels and hostels to choose from, although accommodation prices in Sevilla are slightly higher than the rest of Andalucía and depend on location, category and season. You will be able to find cheap hotels if you reserve ahead of time, especially during summer. There is a wide selection of villas and apartments rentals in Sevilla for your holidays in Andalucía. Most places have air conditioning but be sure to ask in summer, you will want it.

The Sevillanos (people from Seville) are famous for their nightlife so if you don't plan to be out at all hours yourself, you may want to seek out accommodation on a quiet street (that is, without too many bars and restaurants).

from Seville

You can choose out of a wide and very attractive range of possibilities for a one-day-trip around Seville:

Nearby Natural Parks:
Along the Autovía (motorway), in the direction of Huelva, the traveller reaches the National Park of Doñana in about an hour. It is the largest aviary reserve in Europe, located next to the river's mouth, on the right-hand bank. Its richness is the result of good climatic conditions and its geographic location along the bird migration routes. It encompasses three different ecosystems: sand dunes, pastures and swamps.

Located towards the North-west of Sevilla, the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena is one of the most famous places for Jamón (Ham) in Spain and full of lovely small villages to discover.

The Sierra Norte is located towards the North of Sevilla and is makes a nice change from the monotonous landscape of the Guadalquivir Valley. It is an area of steep relief, olive groves, and deep river valleys. Deer, wild boars and other large animals are often seen from the car. The area is well-known for its cured meats.

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