Ave Madrid Seville

From the modern train station of Santa Justa, the high speed train service (AVE) has achieved linking Seville-Madrid in just 2,30 h. There are 15 trains daily and some stop in Córdoba and Ciudad Real.

In addition to the AVE service, this modern station concentrates all railway traffic, with trains to various towns of the province, to all the capitals of Andalucia and to other Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Cáceres.

Estación de Santa Justa

Avenida de Kansas City
Tel. 954 540 202 (de 7 a 23 h)
Ticket reservations: 954 540 303
AVE Information: Tel. 954 537 828


Calle Zaragoza, 29.
Tel. 954 222 693

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