Antequera White Villages Malaga

The north of the province of Malaga, made up of flat farm -land, is dominated by Antequera, one of the most historic towns of Andalusia. Archidona another importan town, is nearby and boasts the delightful Ochavada Square and in the other direction there is Campillos which has beautiful churches and an excellent consistorial building.

Nature also offers us some quite astonishing spectacles. The two which stand out are the marvellous geological formation of El Torcal, and the lake of Fuente de Piedra, small but the most visited pink flamingoes in the whole of Spain. Antequera is an extensive town, which has traces of having once been the capital of the province, where the monuments are not concentrated into a small area as in other historic cities, but instead loom up here and there demonstrating that this has always been an important town. In fact, this town is so old that on the outskirts the most impressive dolmen configurations in Spain - Menga, Viera and El Romeral- can be found. All are in excellent conditions and awaiting the visit of the travellers .In the high part of the town the collegiate church of santa Maria la Mayor stands tall with its magnificent faade and delicate Renaissance architecture.Before entering this church the traveller crosses the curious Arch of Los Gigantes. Near the collegiate church the castle also stands out with its popular tower of Papabellotas, a solid keep which dominates the skyline of Antequera.

The Importance of Roman "Antikaria" is reflected in the relief work found in the Municipal Archaeological Museum which has excellent exhibits of that era. Among these is the delightful Efebo bronze from the 1st century AD which, without doubt, is one of the best Roman sculptures currently housed in Spain. A walk through the spacious streets and squares of Antequera will confirm its historical importance. Near the palace of Njera, which houses the municipal museum, the two beautiful churches of San Sebastin and the Encarnacin are found. The first has, along with a beautiful brick tower, an exquisite faade which, in the company of the Arch of the Nazareno and in front of a beautiful Renaissance fountain, creates an absolutely enchanting place. At approximately 13 kms from Antequera is the El Torcal Natural Park.It is an impressive geological formation : a massive lime-stone formation in which the wind has chiselled some striking forms.

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