Tolox White Villages Malaga

Tolox is one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Malaga. Bright and shining like its white plastered houses, Arab culture left its mark in passing on its infrastructure: the narrow and steep streets, the irrigation ditches to bring water from the Sierra de las Nieves etc...And in this background, we can find countless allures for practicing rural tourism, with hiking trips and rock climbing. If what you want to do is relax, then you have the Fuente Amargosa Spa, where you will immediately realise that fifteen days in this beautiful village will mean renewed health.


If you come in February during Carnival, be careful, because you are sure to get covered with talcum powder in a fiesta that dates back to the 19th century and that was formerly used by the men to declare their love to the girl of your choice. Today more than 3 000 kgs of this powder are tossed into the air while in the streets the "guasa" dance is performed. There is also another important meeting in this village in August when the locals light more than 60000 fireworks as their patron saint, San Roque, passes.

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