Alhaurin De La Torre White Villages Malaga

Its municipal area stretches from the eastern part of the Sierra de Mijas to the Guadalhorce Valley and the Malaga Basin, in a landscape ranging form pine groves to vegetable gardens, sprinkled with numerous housing estates and residential areas. The village was founded by the Arabs, but retains little evidence of its Moslem past, having become a dormitory town for Malaga and Torremolinos. Nearby are the Royal Pigeon Shooting Society and a golf course.

Fiestas de San Juan Bautista: 24th June

Alhaurn de la Torre celebrates its fiestas for five days.As a starter for these festivities, this village holds the Flamenco Festival, which has been delcared of historic interest. Enchanted by the flamenco spirit, the locals invite the visitors to steam plates of tripe that they have prepare each morning in huge pots.

The Greens and the Purples

You should also not miss the spectacle that is presented every year during the Holy Week by two brotherhoods with a long history, "The Greens " of Cristo de la Vera Cruz, with their Legionary Knights on parade, and "The Purples" of Jess del Paso.It's a rivalry of many years standing with the spectacular feature of the Legionnaires with stiffly locked arms conveying their Christ through the pilgrim-packed streets to the Casa de Hermandad.

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