Monda White Villages Malaga

Monda stands at the foot of an Arabic fortress situated in La Sierra de las Nieves, which overlooks La Hoya de Malaga.Its municipality belongs to the natural park of the same name "Sierra de las Nieves". The village retains the marks of its Arabic past in its steep, narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses. Monda houses treasures such as the church of Santiago Apstol, the castle of La Villeta (which has been transformed into a luxury hotel with Moorish influences), the Arab mills and the vestiges of a Roman highway.

Other top attractions of Monda are its festivities like the Holy Week or the famous "Mondea Soup day" a tradition which is celebrated on a Sunday in March where the village's most typical folk dish is cooked in a wooden tub made from a single piece of knotty scrub oak.

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