Almeria trekking Campo de Tabernas. Sorbas - La Huelga

Campo de Tabernas. Sorbas - La Huelga (4 h. aprox.)

This trekking route is easy and interesting.

Cross along the protected natural place of the Karst in Yeso de Sorbas where we can enjoy geologic formation in gypsum, stalactite, stalagmite and caves.

Starting at the rambla del Río Yeguas walking on down this track, with the gorge becoming narrower and narrower, the first springs of water can be seen, conferring to the area a pleasant greenness.

Then we past the Molino del Río Aguas country estate, we arrive to a very green place with caves and birds, of all kind in the virgin landscape.

Campo de Tabernas - Sorbas - La Huelga
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