Garrucha is situated in the East of Almería, was created around a fishing port, where boats fished under the protection of the "Torre de la Garrucha" which was located by the sea, next to the "Alfolí" (Salt store), where today we can find the Town Hall.

The Town Hall was made with adobe walls; it was probably built as a refuge for the Muslim fishermen when they were attacked by the Christians who came from Lorca (Murcia). This tower was destroyed by the earthquake of 1518.

Garrucha was the centre of antique historical remains. A natural port which supplied several armies, exported esparto grass and marble, and always had a good fish catch. The active Garrucha was attacked by pirates, and reached its golden age under the shelter of such mining wealth, as well as being chosen as the summer residence by those families enriched thanks to the mining industry.

At 20th century, Garrucha was enjoying a feverish economic and social life: casinos, ballrooms, and tennis club gave to the village the glamour so different from the other coastal villages in the area.

Garrucha map
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