Garrucha Gastronomy

Garrucha is the "Mecca" of fish.

To shows us the gastronomic face of its marine tradition you have to taste the "Guiso Marinero", a stew made with monk fish or mackerel, in almonds, fried bread and wine sauce.

On rainy days "Migas" are prepared, both of fried breadcrumbs or flour, accompanied with sardines, fried bacon, roast peppers, or even with fruit.

Another typical dish is the "Gurullos con caracoles", a stew made with fried red peppers and garlic, rabbit or pork cutlets, "gurullos" (a type of pasta), chick peas and snails.

Other dishes are: "Arroz a la garruchera", rice cooked in the style of Garrucha;"Caldo en blanco", fish soup; "Cazuela de fideos" noodle stew; "Arroz a banda", "Cuajadera", meat or fish with vegetables baked in the oven; "Pimentón con chuperos", small snail stew; and fish, peppers and tomatoes.

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