Almeria Map

Eastern Almería enjoys excellent motorway links and is one of the most accessible districts of the province of Almería.

The Autovía del Mediterráneo motorway runs north-south through the district, linking the Andalusian coast, the city of Almería, a popular port of call for cruises, and the Airport with the rest of Eastern Spain.

In the north, this motorway links with the A-92 motorway, at the heart of the Andalusian road network, communicating the district with inland Andalucía and the rest of Spain.

Western Almería is easily accessible by road from the city of Almería and the coast of Málaga and Granada. The airport and port of Almería are only a few minutes away on the highway Autovía del Mediterráneo which crosses the area from east to west.

The rest of the area is equipped with a network of roads which are ideal for relaxed excursions where one can enjoy the scenery as it changes along the journey.

The following map of Almeria will guide you to your holiday destination.

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