Almeria Activities

Almería-Cabo de Gata Nijar is the most untouched and least explored area of the province of Almería, an area which finds its maximum expression in the small fishing villages steeped in ancient custom and traditions that seem to have been suspended in time, like picture post cards from the past.

As a centre for tourism, the Western Coast boasts a large number of Blue Flag beaches with the accompanying services and amenities that put the finishing touches on holidaymaking.

Sunbathing on the beaches of Almerimar or Beach Serena, or windsurfing at dawn are good ways to start the day, which can be nicely rounded out by enjoying the peace of the wide-open spaces in the afternoon, or by renting a boat at the marina from which to watch the sun set.

Rural tourism is a return to folk tradition and deep-routed customs and trades sucha as animal husbandry and the typical produce of kitchen gardens.

Many tourists have a wonderful time being able to carry out this type of activity, found mainly, but not exclusively, in the towns of Huércal Overa, Vélez-Blanco and Sierra Cabrera.

Those who most prefer risk sport will find their special corner in the climbing, trekking and potholing that can be carried out mainly in the caves of Almanzora and of thel Karst en Yesos de Sorbas.

Horse riding, deeply rooted in the area as seen in the important role of these animals in folk festivals, is one of the easiest activities to find. On can choose to ride either on beaches or in the mountains.

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