Almeria Nightlife

Almeria has a good nightlife with a couple of dozen music bars and discos dotted around the centre. There’s plenty of choice in both atmosphere and music, from traditional family entertainment to all night dance music. The centre also has a reputation for good food with many fine seafood restaurants and tapas bars to be found around Tenor Iribarne. There are also many fashionable restaurants and cafes on Avenida de Frederico Garcia, whilst a favourite spot for breakfast is Puerta de Purchena.

You can find lots of bars and Terrazas (summer terrace) on the Streets c/Fraga Iribarne and Concepcion Arenal.

If you are looking for pubs and discos you will find most of them on c/ Real, Martines Campos, Trajano, Pedro Luque, Eduardo Perez, el paseo de Almería andl Nicolás Salmerón park.

In summer you can find all the summer fiestas at El Zapillo (sailor district).

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