Almeria Car hire

The cuisine of Almeria shares two basic common ingredients used in the rest of Andalucia - olive oil and spices.

Vegetables, fruit proper of subtropical latitudes, small game hare, partridge, quail, sea fishes and seafood, oranges, grapes and bakery products specific of each town, such as 'pan de mosto' in Fipana, 'bilbaos' in Vilez Rubio, are the essence of a gastronomic elaboration with Arab origins.

In a sober cuisine like that of Almeria we must mention the dishes known as ‘gurullos’ (chickpeas and vegetables), 'pasta de harina' (wheat paste), spices and meats, ranging from young calf to partridge or chicken-, 'ajo colorao', garlic, paprika and potatoes with fishwith corn cakes, and the typical 'trigo' -wheat and fennel, red pepper and chickpeas.

The seaside cuisine contrasts sharply with the former and offers, among other dishes, marinade sardines, clams, shrimp or Norway lobster, or especially the sopa de mariscos (seafood soup), typical in these latitudes.

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