Mojacar Sights

Mojacar town is not accessible by car, its medieval Arab architecture means the streets are too narrow and steep. It is necessary to forget the car and to enjoy the enchantment of his medieval Arab architecture on foot. Across from the Mirador in the Plaza Nueva is old Mojacar, situated by the river that leads to the Lagoon, a protected nature reserve. Also in the plaza is the eighteenth century Ermita de los Dolores under the Castillo, the highest point of the town, whose views are spectacular. Just along calle Alcalde Jacinto is the Iglesia de Santa maría, dated 1560. Bordering the church, stone stairs descend to the Plaza del Parterre, the old Arab cementery, calle Enmedio, which roughly follows the line of the original city walls, and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with its centuries old tree, brought from the Americas by an emigrant.

The old city gate, the Puerta de la Ciudad with its half point arch and arms dates from 1574. Next to the arch, the Casa del Torreon, now a guesthouse, was the original tax collection building for merchants entering and leaving the city. The Plaza Flores represents the gate to the old Jewish quarter, characterised by labyrinthine passageways and hidden corners.

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