Sant Llorenç Son Carrio

Son Carrio

Son Carrió Parish Church built from sandstone has a rose window whose design was much admired by Antonio Gaudí.

After Cala Millor, sa Coma is the largest beach (almost 1 km a long) on the entire east coast of Mallorca.

Between the two lies Punta de n´Amer, a peninsula of 200 hectareas of unspoilt scenery which is also a Natural Area of Special Interest, and where you can visit an old defence tower dating from c. XVII.

Son Carrio festivities

Market on Friday

Patron Saint´s Day fiesta on 8th May.

Local fiesta: Sant Antoni on 17th january and Sant Miquel on 29th September.

Son Carrio Sant Lloren
Son Carrio Fiestas
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