Mallorca Sightseeing

Getting into the history of Majorca is definitely the ideal complement to make the most of the visit to the island. Megalithic civilizations, the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Muslims, and medieval Christian conquest in 1229 until today have left their mark. Visits to museums, monuments and archaeological sites will serve to better understand and enjoy the mosaic of cultures that have passed through these lands.

Many tourists visit the Isle looking for sun and sand; Mallorca beaches are known because their quality sand and water.

Mallorca History

The prehistoric inhabitants of Majorca left their legacy in the form of historic buildings, megalithic monuments of colossal dimensions, which are kept in one of the prehistoric villages that still remain. The number of monuments of this kind is so extraordinary that makes the island a veritable archaeological museum.


Mallorca culture

A wide variety of buildings to visit if you are looking for cultural tourism, Mallorca has to offer quality and quantity.

There are also some festivities in Mallorca:

  • Marcha des Güell a Lluc a peu
  • Diada de Mallorca
  • San Sebastián

Mallorca attractions

For families or people looking for Mallorca attractions, there are plenty of them; from waterparks to Safaris and golf courses in Mallorca. There are also walking routes in Mallorca for you to enjoy the isle.. Explore and enjoy Mallorca!

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