Alcudia town and the archeological site of Pollentia were declared a Historical. Artistic monument in 1963.

In the last few years several projects have been carried out inorder to conserve and protect the area.

The Plan of highest quality has as a main destination the promotion of the Roman city, improving, arranging and singposting the paths and walls that connect the different archaeological sites.

Thanks to this plan of highest quality interpretative recourses have been created to understand well the archeological site. A tourism information bureau has been installed where the visitors can get advice and information leaflets about Pol. Lentia. In the very site the visitor will be informed by descriptive stone and stainless steel plaques. All this will be round of by guided visits. Didactic and promotional material, formative actions and several activities to promote the roman city.

The town centre experienced manu changes in the last years be realising the PERI the main artery and some adjacent streets have been pedestrianised.

Thanks to the plan of the facades restauration by the Town Council and the Illes Balears government a lot of houses have been restored.

Al this led to its being among the cities of most cultural attraction and due to that many tourists come to visit the town.

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