Alcudia Holidays

Twice a week on Tuesday and Sunday market stallholders from all over the island arrive at Alcudia. Fruit, vegetables, clothes , footwear, flowers, handicrafts,…bring colour and joy to the market. It´s advisable to walk round Alcudia any day of the week all through the year. There are shops for all tastes: clothes, footwear, pastries, newspapers,etc. Alcudia organises its annual Fair during the first weekend in October. The streets become an open- air exhibitions of industrial and commercial items, handicrafts and agricultural machinery. During the Fair several cultural activities as such as Majorcan dances exhibition, the L´Estol del REi en Jaume a pair of gigantic carnival figures parodying local public figures parade around the streets.

The most popular Festes of Alcudia are:

Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastia

These two saint´s day festivals are held in Alcudia on the 17th and 20 th of January respectively, and the traditional foguerons or bonfires are lit in the streets. Local custom blends religious and pagan rites in this celebration of the winter solstice.

In the afternoon of the 16th a colla or pair of devils are released from the town hall, and together with Sant Antoni Abat they insure a lively celebration.

Easter week

Religious processions are held on Maundy Thirsday and Good Friday in Alcudia as in most of the Mediterranean region. Easter Week culminates on Easter Sunday with the Encontre or reunion procession, known locally as els tres botets.

Sant Pere

The holiday feast of Sant Pere, patron of sailors, is celebrated on the 29th of June. Boats are decorated and accompany a statue of Sant Pere in a maritime procession around the bay. A large number of cultural activities and games are held in the port the previous week.

July 2

The holiday feast of the mother of god de la Victoria is held on the 1st and 2nd of july in the hermitage of that name. In the evening, there are public dances and the Municipal Band concert. Mass is celebrated with a floral, offering, followed by games and races for young and old.

Sant Jaume

The 25th of july is Sant Jaume, patron saint of alcudia. The festivities last a week and a large range of activities are offered: musical concerts, fair and dance, theatre and exhibitions as well as religious ceremonies.

July 26

Every three years on the 26th of July a procession with the Sant Crist is held which commemorates the miracle that occurs in 1507 when, according to local tradition, the statue sweat blood putting an end to a long drought.

August 24

On the night of the 24th of August Alcudia's youngest residents take to the streets with lanterns made out of melons and watermelons while singing traditional Majorcan folk songs.

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