Alcudia History

Because of Alcudia's privileged situation, throughout several centuries Alcudia has been witness to the pasaje of many Mediterranean cultures.

The first found archaeological remains date back to the time before the Bronze Age : Son Simó, Son Siurana de Dalt, etc…

After conquering the island, the Roman Consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus founded the town of Pol. Léntia in Ad 123. He embellished his conquest as if it were a miniature Rome by constructing temples, buildings, palaces, townhouses and a theatre. The invasions of the Vandals in the 5th century AD plunged pol. Léntia into a process of decadence and destruction.

In 1902 the Arab conquered Majorca and the name of Alcudia and some other place names as Guinyent, Binitria, Gatamoix or alcanada are all that´s left of the Moslem rule.

In 1229 conquered the Catalan King Jaume I, the Majorcan island. In 1298 James II decalred Alcudia to be the capital of the parish district. Starting from this year the construction of the first ring of town walls began. It was completed in 1362.

During the popular revolt of the Germanies the Majorcan nobility sheltered in alcudia. Finished the revolt, Emperor charles V declared it to be Faithful city in 1523.

The second ring of wall dates from the 17th century. The main destination was to reforce the already existing walls and to defend the town.

The two rings of wall remained until the 19th century when they started suffering the process of demolition due to the expansion and sanitation of the town.

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