Alcudia Sights

The roman city ruins are situated behind the Sant Jaume church, outside the walled area. They date back to the deginning of the 1st century AD and cover a surface area of 16 – 18 hectares.

Excavations permit a glimpse of the city´s layout with its parallel and perpendicular streets, a group of houses, theatre and forum area, where the most characteristic public buildings were erected.

The Roman theatre is located approximately 0.5km from Alcudia. It was built in the hollow of a mountain in approximately the 1st century Ad.

The three basic elements of the theatre remain: the orchestra circle, the stage and the tiered auditorium. It appears to have seated approximately 2000 people, during august the roman theatre is used by the town council for theatre performance and oponair musical events.

The monographic Museum of pol-lentia is housed in a building in Sant Jaume street. It was built in the 14th century and used as a hospital for the village poor. The museum shows a small collection of objects unearthed during various archaeological excavations of the Roman City, which permit us to know more about customs and life of the old city. The sculptures, portraits, epigraph inscriptions and several ceramic pieces merit special attention.

The medieval fortification is the first of the walls which was built around alcudia between the 13th and 14th centuries. King Jaume II ordered to build the fortification to defend the town from possible invasion.

The wall is square shaped and reinforced by 26 towers with an average height of six metres and a fosse.

This wall contains three entrances to the historical centre: Xara or del Moll, Sant Sebastiá or Mallorca and Vila Roja.

There are a number of stately mansions in the heart of the old town of Alcudia. They are two.storey houses with a round entrance portal and Renaissance windows - astyle introduced in the island in 1523 to honour Charle V during his visit here. Many of them are dorned with the coat of arms of the house. You can see them in Carrer de l´Esglesia, Carrer dels Valents…

The second ring of walls around Alcudia was during the reign Felipe II and was not finished until the reign of Felip IV. This second wall is also square shaped and had eight bastions, of which only remains the Sant Ferran Bastió

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