Manacor Information

Manacor is the municipality of the east of Mallorca. It borders on the south with Felanitx, on the west Sant Llorenç des Casdassar and on the north-west with Petra, on the north-east with Sant Llorenç des Cardassar and on the east with the sea. The area of the township is 260 km2 the second largest on the island of Mallorca and the population is approximately 35.000 habitants. Within the township is found the city of Manacor, Son Macia and Son Negre, and on the coast Porto Cristo, Cala Murada, Cales de Mallorca, Sestany dén Mas, Cala Mendia, Cala Morlanda and S´Illot.

The predominant landscape close to the sea is the Garriga a typical Mediterranean habitat, which often stretches to the cliffs and towards the sea. In some spots we can find forests of pines and Oakes, characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. The most eye-catching feature is the crops of almond trees, especially when they are in blossom, at the end of January and the typical crops of grains, characteristic of these lands, more often associated with the almond and fig trees. Manacor, we find a nature zone with a total of 3.126 hectares of rocky coast, opening onto the sea with bays of great beauty such as Caló d´en Serral, Cala Magraner, Cala Murta, Cala Falcó,Cala Varques, Cala Sequer, Caló des Serral, Cala limestone coast, in the lower segment of the torrents where they enter into the sea. Some of the caves on this part of the island have great international prestige.

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