Manacor Cales

Cales de Mallorca, the main tourist resort on Manacor´s coastline includes three coves offering the ideal environments for family holidays. Its cliffs and sea beds make this area very suitable for diving.

Cala Murada is a picturesque village surrounded by pine groves where tranquillity is the main attractiveness, both for its residents and its vacationers. The beach has clear waters and is situated in the mouth of a torrent bordering on the Felanix district. A natural small lake with abundant flora and fauna has developed here.

In the township of Manacor there are 32 square kilometres declared natural areas of special interest, of which more than 6km belong to the natural zone formed by a rocky coast that opens onto the sea with a group of virgin coves of great natural beauty. This space covers the territory from s´Estany d´en Mas to Cales de Mallorca and has the special characteristic, besides a coastal landscape of extreme and unalterable beauty, of having a great variety of flora and fauna.

Taking into account the great acceptance of this approach, Manacor has joined this attractive project and hosts today many establishments, which offer services of accommodation in the rural environment, whether in agro tourism or rural hotels.

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