Sant Llorenç Beaches

Sant Llorenç

The Sant Llorenç coast offers the opportunity to enjoy every variety of sport or leisure pursuit with tennis shools, golf courses sport centres with squash, bowling, windsurfing, mailing, diving…

A further attraction is the internacional aerostatic Balloons Race in which fifty or so balloons from more than twelve countries take part every year.

On the east of Mallorca, life in Sant Lloreç and Son Carrió evolves around the rural nature of its great estates and a blue sea which bathes the most extensive beaches on this coastline – Cala Millor, Sa Coma and S´Illot.

The beauty of its interior, its scenery scattered with pine and almond trees combine with a rich legacy of the archaelogical remains of the ancient settlers of Mallorca.

Sant Llorenç Beaches
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