Cala d'Or Gastronomy

Here you can find a considerable ice cream industry with the brand Bon Gelat, produced traditionally only ussing water, fruit and sugar. Made with all kinds of fruit, including figs, prickly pears, chocolate, hazelnuts and almonds.

One of the culinary features to be highlighted here is that it has an important cheese-manufacturing industry –producing classic Mallorcan cheese. The Grimalt cheese factory, in Llombards, is one of the biggest, which distributes cheeses all over Mallorca .

There is no typical dish from Cala D´Or but, you can enjoy some of the most typical Mallorcan dishes in the wonderful restaurants scattered around the beach. Three of the best recipes are Mallorcan soups, frit – made with lamb giblets – and tongue with capers. The various cold meats and sausages made in the area are well recommended.

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