Mondrago Natural Park

The Mondragó's main attraction is the sea, which offers us the considerable quantity of species that live in it: marine invertebrates such as limpets, crabs and sea urchins can be found, specialised plants like the sea fennel and Montpellier camphor fume. And marine creatures, such as the Audouin's gull, black-headed gull and the cormorant.

In the Mondragó Natural Park you can find wetlands, such as the S'Amarador and Ses Fonts de n'Alís lakes. Scrub and pinewood offers you a delightfull view.

A walk through the Mondragó national park allows you to discover the Mallorcan rural architecture, witness to the various activities man has carried out over time in this environment. Here you can find: pinnacle huts, poor labourers' houses, dry stone walls and escars - buildings beside the sea where boats were kept.

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