Cala d'Or Beaches

The natural bays of Cala Esmeralda, cala d´or, caló des pou and cala Egos are enjoyed by Tourists of all nationalities, and the village by centre´s bustling pedestrian zone offers many fine internacional restaurants and cosmopolitan pavement cafes where one can relax on warm summer evenings and match the World pass by.

Access specified at Felanitx and Santanyí.

Services: Sunshades, deckchairs restaurants and bars on the first three and water sports on the last one.

Fine sand beaches, heavily developed and very crowded. The beaches on Cala Egos and Caló des pou are deeper and narrower. If you don´t arrive first thing in the morning you will have to lay your towel 40 metres away from the water.

Cala Esmeralda has hardly any public facilities, but its waters from a kind of pond suitable for children.

On the last beach you will have to sidestep sunbathers lying on the sand like lizards.

The bottom of the sea al Caló de Sa Torre is spectacular, perfect for diwing. At Caló des Homos morts there is a large swimming pool a few metres away from the sea.

Cala D´Or is an internationally renowned Tourist Resort, famous for it´s unique “Ibizenco” architecture of the low white buildings, surrounded by the costal pine trees.It´s many small bays provide safety and beauty for the family holiday.

The natural harbour of cala Llonga is one of the most modern Yacht Marinas on the island and provides an extensive range of services to the Nautical Community.

Cala Figuera with it´s tradicional fishing village atmosphere and picturesque harbour has also been the refuge of artists and Bohemians over the years.

Cala Santanyí with it´s inusual coastal terrain “Es Pontas” has long been the inspiration and tradicional gathering place of artists from all over the World.

Cala Mondragó has officially been declared a Nacional Park ans Area of Special Interest so that it´s natural and ecological beauty can be preserved for our enjoyment in years to come.

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