Cala d'Or Culture

The annual Cala d'Or International Jazz Festival, is an important part of the towns cultural calendar. The festival is held during July of each year, and has attracted a considerable number of recognised performers.

Santanyí maintains in perfect condition some buildings that are magnificent examples of the different architectural styles developed here over the centuries. It is worth highlighting are the remains of the Talayotic culture.

Son Danús is made up of a series of Talayotic constructions, of which the outstanding feature is a circular talayot which was declared a historic artistic monument in 1946 and which is beside the main Palma-Santanyí road.

Finally, Ses Talaies de Can Jordi is a walled Talayotic village with an elliptical layout in which three fragments of wall are preserved. It is one of the largest on the island.

In Calonge, the outstanding feature is the Neo-Romanesque church, and in Alqueria Blanca it is the Oratory of Our Lady of the Consolation, with its Gothic altarpiece.

The most important is the Porta Murada which remains the old wall that surrounded the town, built between the 14th and 16th centuries

The church of Saint Andrew is a reflection of the transition between Romanesque and Gothic.

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