Cabo de Gata Nature

The flora of Cabo de Gata the species adapted to bearing the absence of water during long periods of time are the ones that predominant.

Species like Jujube and Cornical, which are only developed here and in the arid regions in the North of the African continent, and also important formations of the only autochthonous palm tree in the European continent, the Palmetto, stand out.

The birds are wide and varied due to the location of this natural park, to the ecological peculiarity which means the presence of a swamped surface of more than 300 hectares, and with many ravines and cliffs. Enthusiasts of ornithology have a paradise here.

In The Salinas alone you can contemplate more than 80 species thtoughout the year. In all of the park more than 169 recognised species exist; the pink flamingo stands out with more than two hundred of them.

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