Pollensa Museums

Dionís Bennassar home museum

The Dionis Bennassar Foundation has the clear Hill of getting together conserving anda t the same time bringing nearer and spreading the work of the painter to the mallorquin community and to any person interested in its cultural inheritance.

Martí vicenç museum

A personal museum that wants to show a man´s evolution the craftsman and the artist. The initiative could not have been posible without the predisposition of the architectural setting where it is located that without any doubt is one of the places to visit: the Calvary steps.

Cultural centre Guillem Cifre de Colonya

Inaugurated on the 24th April 1994 and is the place where the Secondary Education School was. The centre is the property of Colonya, Savings Banks, although nowadays it is manager by Pollensa´s Town Council.

Club Pollensa

Located in an old manor house belonging to the Aulí family in mercat Street. Built in the XIXth century it has a staircase of imperial style. During the XXth century it underwent some repairs as the opening of the bar and Assembly Hall that was inaugurated in 1964. Some years later the Club as this is the way it is known by the people from Pollensa, began to stand out from cultural and sport sections. It was the seat of Art and Youth by the local theatre group and in 1961 a painting exhibition was held which was the direct precedent of the Internacional Contest of Plastic Arts. In 1960 Pollensa´s delegation Musical Youths organised a classical music performance, which attracted the attention of the famous violinist Philip Newman; it was the background to the Classical music Festival of Pollensa.

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