Pollensa Monuments

Mare de Deu dels Angels Parish Church

Is the building around which the town of Pollensa Grez from the XIIth century with the catalan conquest of Mallorca. The Parish was founded in 1236 and hended over to the Knights of the Order of the Temple by the Bishop in 1240.

The existing parish building was built during the XVIIIth century it is a construction of basilical floor design with side chapels and vaulted roof. The high altar is dedicated to the Virgen Mary, Patron Saint of the town.

Saint Domingo´s Cloister

The church is of basilical floor design with side chapels and the choir at the base. The dominicans began its construction in 1558. The nostra Senyora el Rosari altar piece presides over the church with an image of the XVth century of the Roser vell from Joan Antoni Oms.

Joan March Gardens

In the centre of the village next to Saint Domingo´s Cloister there are some gardens with excellent examples of native vegetation. A Medieval tower remains there belonging to a grand house located in the same place.

Monti-sion. Saint Ignasis School

Built on the slope of the Calvaris mountain there is the impressive Saint Ignasi´s School built between 1698 and 1738. Monti-sion as the whole building is popularly known is formed by church and a cloister. Nowadays this building is occupied by tha Town Council and a school.

Roser Vell

The Roser Vell church has its origin in the XIVth century, here the Virgen of the “Rosari” was worshiped. The church is of basilical floor design with lateral chapels.Next to the church there is the house of the donor where a round main door decorated with diamond ende can be seen which comes from a house of the town.

Saint Jordi´s church

Was built during the XVIth century in the outskirts of the town facing the sea. The place was the departure point of the people from Pollensa to the coasts when pirates were approsching the town. Nowadays the church is of basilical floor design and has a lateral chapel, oponed in 1770 dedicated to Saint Marcial.

The Calvary

At the topo f this little mountain with the same name there is a little church built between 1795-99. The floor design is slightly elliptical with a semicircular apse.

Roman Bridge

An old bridge used to cross Saint Jordi´s torrent. Nowadays it is known by the name of Roman Bridge.

Puig de María

A sanctuary located at 330 metres at the foot of the town, chapel, tower and walls…everything built between XIVth and XVth centuries.

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