Sightseeing in Valencia

Valencia, also known as the city of flowers, has many parks and gardens, such as the Botanical Gardens, Park West, the Jardines del Real (known as Jardines de Viveros) and the Jardín del Turia (commonly called River) to over 6.5 km of vegetation. There are 5.3 m2 of green area per capita, one of the lowest rates of major Spanish cities. 90% of the roads of the city have gardens and trees to a greater or lesser extent.

Valencia attractions Valencia has much to offer to you if travelling alone, with a friend or with your family.

Las Fallas Valencia Cultural festivan in Valencia.

Valencia gastronomy Explore the taste of the valencian gastronomy.

Valencia museums Discover the culture and history of Valencia.

Valencia festivals When and how are festivals in Valencia.


Valencia culture

The city of Valencia, is rich in monuments of great architectural interest, has over fifty museums and galleries. Many of them were created by the contributions of individuals through donations and private collections. Valencia has been a source and cultural refuge for centuries.

Places to visit in Valencia

La Albufera
La Albufera is a natural park located next to Valencia.

The Devesa
La Devesa de l'Albufera is 10 km in length, a width of approximately 1 km and an area of 850 ha. There were marked out six routes involving whole 8.4 km long. Each is identified by a color and has a different theme, so the visitor can choose the one that you find most interesting.

El palmar
El Palmar is the essence of the traditional region of Valencia

Sagunto is a pleasant morning's excursion (by train or bus) and you can pop down to the beach for the afternoon.

Alto Turia
Trecking route in Valencia.

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