Valencia nightlife

Valencia, as the third biggest city of Spain, is definitely a gorgeous place to enjoy the local nightlife due to the great variety of bars, discos, restaurants and other diversified entertainment possibilities. Maybe you have already heard of the Valencian Moon, which sets the senses alight and turns the usually busily working Valencian people into cheerful, passionate revellers by night. This may also happen to foreigners who come to visit the city and who are ready to enjoy the Valencian way of life.

The most famous entertainment zone of Valencia is the historic quarter “Barrio del Carmen” in the city centre. This part of Valencia wakes up by night and offers original bars in the Bohemian style, a great diversity of local food and lots of promising discotheques for every taste.

Very recommendable within the Barrio del Carmen is the Calle Alta because of its manifold restaurants, tapa bars and night clubs. However, many bars don’t even have clear signs outside, which is why you should just try whichever appeals to you.

Particularly in the hot summer, parties near the beach can be a good choice due to the pleasant, cool sea breeze. One of the nicest beaches of Valencia is la Playa de Malvarrosa, where young and old celebrate in open-air bars, often with live music and public dance floors.

Other important party areas of Valencia are the Avenida de Aragón, Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, Plaza de Cánovas, the surroundings of the university, Calle Juan Llorens or the beach promenade. There you can find uncountable pubs, restaurants, clubs and other interesting places, where the Valencian people enjoy the night and have a great time together.

The combination of all these nightlife possibilities make Valencia indeed one of the best party cities along the Mediterranean coast.

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