Valencia Porcelain

A visit to the Lladró Studios - The City of Porcelain

Visiting the City of Porcelain, Valencia, is one way to see how Lladró porcelain is made, on a guided tour taking less than an hour and a half. Step by step, Lladró artists create each sculpture from dozens of fragments, modelling flower petals, giving shape to tiny expressive details, applying colour and glazes... Watching them work enables visitors to appreciate the beauty of these widely praised works of art, treasured in over one hundred countries around the world.

Lladró through the ages

Once visitors have seen how these sculptures are created, the tour of the City of Porcelain, Valencia, continues to the Lladró Exhibition, where all the company's creations are on display from the initial days till today. Some of these exhibits are unique in the entire world. In an adjoining room, visitors can admire the private collection of artworks brougth together by the Lladró brothers. Paintings by Greco, Sorolla, Zurbará, Ribera... Works by the great Spanish artists, who often serve as inspiration for today's artists at the City of Porcelain, Valencia, Spain.

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