Valencia Gastronomy

Valencia, thanks to its climate and its prime Mediterranean location provides us with a rich selection of farm fruits, vegetables, and garden produce which are excellent all year-round, accompanied by the freshest fish and seafood available.

Nonetheless the star dish on every Valencia table is undoubtedly the traditional rice dishes which can be cooked in an infinite number of ways: paella (stewed rice with chicken and rabbit), arroz al horno (stewed rice with sausage), arroz a banda (stewed rice with fish served separately), arroz negre (rice with squid stewed in its own ink), amb bledes (stewed rice with Swiss chards), amb fesols i naps (stewed rice with beans and turnips).

Other typical dishes in Valencia are: Fideua, similar to "arroz a banda", but it uses noodles instead of rice; "all i pebre" (garlic and pepper sauce) which is served with delicious stewed eels and "suc de peix" (succulent seafood soup).

Finally the best way to conclude the meal is with these delicious pastries of Arab origin such as "rosegons" (toasted almond cake), "el arrop i talladetes" (fruit or vegetable slices served with brown sugar syrup), "el arnadí" (pastry made with assorted fruits), "los pasteles de boniato" (sweet potato pastry) or, "la mona de Pascua" (traditional Easter pastry) or "los dulces de Sant Dionís (marzipan sweets).

To do justice to all these delicious foods, it is necesary to complement them with the Region's wines, the famous "horchata" (tiger nut milk) from Alboraya with "fartons" not to mention Agua de Valencia (a typical cocktail made with orange juice and Cava).

Other recipes and foods can be found in the Valencia's Gastronomy official website.

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