Valencia location and climate

Valencia is located in the middle of the eastern coastline of Spain, readily accessible from all European countries. Together with a mild climate - a continuous spring weather- its fine gastronomy and several beautiful white-sand beaches, the ancient town of Valencia preserves one of the oldest historic centres in Europe. Visitors will be surprised by the variety of interesting attractions. Book your car hire at Valencia aiport to visit interesting places like the Oceanographic Museum or Mestalla Football Stadium.

From the point of view of climate, the broad coastal section is a spring paradise with an annual mean temperature above 17ºC, relative humidity of around 70% and little over 2,600 hours of sunshine per year and little rainfall (data observed at Valencia airport meteorological station). These temperatures speak for themselves as regards hot summers and mild winters in the coastal regions, which are undoubtedly influenced by the sea water. The mean temperatures inland on the other hand vary from 8 to 10ºC and from 11 to 15ºC, depending on the places, geographical features and distance from the sea, with dry winters, frost and occasionally snow.

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Sunset in Valencia
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