Menorca Beaches Alcafar

Alcafar beaches

Access: From Sant Lluis

Alcafar Beach

Services: Deckchairs, sunshades, water sports, shops, restaurants and bars.

Typically developed beaches. You will find the relevant indications in Alcafar. On the right you will see a sign that says "restaurants" and "beaches". Take the road to the left, where it only says "restaurant", and drive to the end of the cul-de-sac.

Park the car and walk for 3 minutes on the rocks until you see on the left a rock that forms a natural diving board with an underwater cove. When you climb up the rock you will find a flat overhang on which you can sunbathe and shelter yourself from the heat and the sun thanks to the rock´s own natural ceiling.

For safety purposes, although it is nor particulary dangerous we recommend you not to go on your own and to check the bottom of the sea before diving into the water.

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