Menorca Beaches

Coves and beaches in Menorca present crystal-clear waters and white sand.

Those colors are due to the water meadows of Posidonia, known as algae. The existence of this plant in the area submerged in the sea, forming accumulations of leaves on the shore, is considered the best indicator of a good state of preservation of beaches, plus clarifier and clear good water status and quality of the coastline. Furthermore, the accumulation of leaves on the beach gives stability to it and delivers it to sediment from the submerged areas.

The white beaches are the result of the arrival of the thousands of remains of calcareous fauna living on the prairies of Posidonia. The conservation of these meadows of Posidonia oceanica are the basis for the balance of Minorca coast.

Beaches in Minorca can be classified per accessibility in three groups:

You can reach them driving or riding, by sea, or with a pick, climbing boots and high morale.

In all cases, the island has the best virgin beaches in the Balearic Islands and also the most spectaculars, either for the cliffs or woods that surround them or for the turquoise blue of the water and the clearness of the bottom of the sea.

Most of them have no services for tourism. For some people that is an inconvenient but for others that is the best way to preserve the nature of the less attacked island of the Balearics.

For those who have a boat and can visit the island by sea, we recommend you to do it.

The North beaches are the most vigin and spectacular beaches an the island. Here the coast is rocky and the sand is red-dish.We recommend you to take shoes suitable for water so as not to hurt your feet. These beaches receive the full force of the Tramuntana wind, which surfers enjoy. the bottom of the sea is good for diving.

The East beaches are the closest to Maó, the capital. they are usually formed by small cliffs, more cuitable for visiting than sunbathing and are mostly visited by the people living in the city.

The South beaches are ideal for those who like typical inlets with turquoise blue water and fine white sand. Due to its breathtaking views, we recommend to start your tour on the road that links Punta Prima and Binidalí. Next to Punta Prima is I´lla del Aire, a piece of land that seems to have been dropped in the sea, with a lighthouse on one end and thousands of lizards running around.

At the west are the most developed and crowded beaches. Particularly visited by families due to their comprehensive range of tourist services. Soft cliffs surround the coast and the sunsets are spectacular.

menorca beaches
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