To Punta De Namer trekking route

Route to Punta de n´Amer

Time: 1 h. 15 min.

Punta de n Amer Route Sa Coma Punta de NAmer

We will go to the roundabout next to Bar Cristobal and then take the street that leads up a small hill.

We will reach a small square where we will find a track that guides us directly to the Castell. Here we can take small paths behind the Castell which leads us to many places beside the sea, several of them fishing-grounds which have existed for a long time, the most famous one beging in "Sa Proa".

We also find a cave next to the sea, "Sa Cova de les Crestes", which in the old days was inhabited.

Continuing we will reach an old stone quarry where natural stones "Mare used to de excavated.

Returning to the main track and following the main route we go towards sa Coma where we will find a half demolished building near the sea, Khown as "Sa Caseta des Moix" and another five minutes leter we arrive at Sa Coma.

Note: At the punta we will find many paths forming a real tangle, which makes it passible to go over the dunes all over the headland enjoying the flora and fauna.

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