Pollensa El Mollins De Llinars trekking route

Route Pollenca Els Molins de Llinars

Time: 2h. 30 min.

Pollenca Els Molins de Llinars Route

We can start the excursion from the old slaughterhouse and go through the old path "d´en Gruat" crossing Son Mare torrent; from the Camí Vell we have access to the road between Can Pontico and Can Serra, next to some cypress trees, from where we can already see the Molins de Llinars.

Nearby and on the right hand side of the road we can see the reddish rocks of the so called Salt de Llinars. The paths goes through the mills and just in front of the fifth begins the road that takes us to la Font. The path crosses a torrent and shows us the sitges and lime ovens.

At 200 metres of the road to Llinars we find the possessió de Can Serra with some majestic plane trees that surround the entrance path and a curious system to cross the torrent that consists of some stones placed at one step distance of each other, called Passadores de Can Serra; on the right hand side covered by vegetation appears again the Camí Vell of Lluc.

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