Canyamel Through Coll Baix trekking route

Route to Canyamel through Coll Baix

Time: 2 h. 45 min.

Canyamel Coll Baix Route Canyamel Canyamel Canyamel Canyamel

We take the Cala Bona - Costa des Pins road; on arrival at Costa des Pins we follow the Pinar avenue until we come to an iron sculpture. Once here we go up Ermita street.

At the height of number 7 there is an entry to the mountain. We take this entry and follow the path marked by yellow spots and small piles of stones it forks off in many directions so to orientate ourselves better we can use the electric towers that lead up the peak as a guide. Following the path we arrive at a gate where the towns separate; crossing this gate we will find another pathway and following it we will arrive at the road that goes to Canyamel and we only have to head towards the coast to reach the beaches of Canyamel.

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