Fuengirola Heritage

Fuengirola preserves in its streets corners full of local colour and charm, the centre of town is Constitution Square (19th century), where the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario stands.

On top of a nearby hill, located next to the mouth of the river Fuengirola, stands the Castle of Sohail, ordered to be built by Abd-al-Rahman III in the 10th century and which still preserves some paintings of its walls. Next to this parade ground, the remains of the old Phoenician settlement have been found, which was the origin of the town (6th-3rd centuries BC). Testimony of the city's importance in the past is the Roman city of Suel, located on the hillside of the castle.

Other Roman remains appear in the archaelogical sites of Finca del Secretario and Torreblanca, where there is a Roman baths and a Visigoth necropolis.

Fuengirola also has neighbourhoods full of local colour, such as Santa Fe de los Boliches, deeply-rooted to the sea, or Pueblo López, which has streets crammed with beautiful examples of Andalusian popular architecture.

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