Denia Sightseeing

The coastal town of Denia offers to the visitors numerous places of interest, beginning with its sandy and clean beaches, which attract thousands of tourists each year. In addition we also have to assess its gastronomy, its festivities and the Castle.

Denia culture and History

The city of Denia comes from the founding of a Greek colony named Hemeroskopeion, although in pre-Roman times, there were Iberian settlements in the area of Montgo. Denia in the III century became important for its port, which exported large quantities of production. Around 713 a.c Muslims occupy denia, and in that period the city acquired great glory, especially in culture.

Already in the twentieth century, the city of Denia is experiencing the tourism, which involves developing a strong service sector and tourism became the main economic source of Denia.

Denia attractions

The Castle of Denia is the emblematic monument of the city. This building dates from the Islamic era and has been refurbished several times, hence their great variety in the structure and organization of space. There are many other museums in Denia you may would like to visit.

If you like nature, then you can´t miss the Denia natural park.

Denia information:

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