Denia Museums

Archaeological Museum

It shows the historical evolution of Dénia from its origins in the Iberian period until the 18th century. The museum has 4 areas where the Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Christian periods are exhibited.

Ethnological Museum

It presents the evolution of Dénia throughout the 19th century and how it was linked to the dry raisin trade. The museum has an interesting collection of vintage bourgeois luxury clothing and ornaments, including working clothes and tools. We can also observe examples of town planning development, both commercial and social.

Toy Museum

An exhibition of the toy production in Dénia from the early 20th century to the 1960s. It is situated in the first floor of the old Dénia-Carcaixent train station. This building houses the Art Centre l’’Estació in the ground floor and the Toy Museum in the first floor.

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