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Calpe sits on the border of the Mediterranean,surrounded by the beauty of its countryside and vineyards. Being an important point of the paysage the Rock of Ifach.

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When driving in Calpe you can visit many places close enough by car, this is why we recommend the car hire Calpe option as the best transportation method in Calpe instead of public transport and long waiting times.

Calpe History

Various old civilisations settled down here in the Marina Alta region of Alicante, witnesses of these settlements are the historic remains that still exist as the Roman baths "Baos de la Reina" (Queen's Baths).

The old quarter of Calpe is enclosed in the old walls, built in the 15th century to defend the city against pirate attacks. Close to the Moorish quarter of El Arrabal, part of the medieval walled precinct is preserved, some fronts and the large Tower of Pea.

Calpe sightseeing

There are also a few monuments that are quite important and interesting to visit:

  • Church of Vrgen de las Nieves from the 15th c. which is the only Gothic-Mudejar style church of Valencia.
  • The hermitates of La Cometa and San Salvador from the 17th century.

Calpe has become a quite important tourist destination on the Costa Blanca with its mild climate and its 11 kilometres of coastline where the cliffs are quite present, with beaches and coves, a marina and a beautiful natural environment.

Facilities for various water sport can be found all along the Calpe beaches of La Fossa and Arenal, like windsurfing boards and jetskis.

If you are a diver you must not miss the beautiful caves with its crystal waters. We suggest the followings: Les Bassetes, La Manzanera and Les Urques.


Calpe's traditional cuisine is based on rice and fish. Apart from the famous paella there are other rice dishes, with vegetables, meat, etc. Another dish quite traditional is the "casserole and Llauna de Calpe" a sort of fish stew. Every thing can be acoomopanied by the wines of the region D. O. Alicante.


  • Fallas de San Jos in March 19th
  • a href="/sanjuan/information/sanjuan_information.htm">Fire of San Juan in June 24th
  • Holiday of La Virgen de las Nieves in August 5th
  • Festival of Moors and Christians in October

Calpe Map

This one is a big calcareous rock of more than 300 m high, that enter in the sea and from where the town take its name. The best views from Calpe are the ones from the top of the Rock of Ifach. For its ecosystem this region has been declared Nature Reserve.

Below you can see the map of Calpe:

Alicante airport to Calpe

Calpe, located in the Northeast from Alicante is a very visited tourist destination that can be reached from Alicante airport in about 50 minutes by car.

Car hire at Alicante airport

The option we recommend is car hire at Alicante airport, so you can visit the surroundings in a comfortable and fast way with or without luggage and going to Calpe from Alicante airport within a few minutes.

Bus from Alicante airport to Calpe

For Denia, bus service starts at 14:00 hours and the last bus departs at 20:00 hours (4 journeys daily).

Taxi transfer from Alicante airport to Calpe

When coming to Calpe with a large group of people and not wanting to rent a car, this may be a nice and fast option.
Alicante airport transfer

Car hire Calpe

Calpe car hire is a nice option for moving around this beautiful place. It´s very easy to rent a car in Calpe from Carspain, as we work with many companies you can always get the best price.

The advantage of using our Calpe car rental is that you can move around Costa Blanca without having to worry about the expensive costs of using a taxi or the discomfort of public transport. You can also use the car for going from Calpe to Alicante airport once you are leaving the city, as our companies operate also within the airport.

Calpe Information

If you want to know more about Calpe and its surroindings, feel free to visit the official Calpe website.

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