Alicante City

Alicante is located at 182 km from Valencia, it is a modern and cosmopolitan; The city of Alicante has a big population of students due to the university that makes this city quite dynamic.

Because of its tourist visitors and the local population it is easy to find all sort of facilities, sports, leisure, commercial, etc.

El Barrio is one of the most popular area of Alicante, it is situated in the old quarter of the city and it is the meeting point for nightlife, you will find many restaurants, bars and taverns. In this old quarter of the city you will also find historic remains (like medieval walls) that coexist perfectly with some modern infrastructures.

Apart from the picturesque El Barrio, Alicante has also a very modern area that it's also very attractive, El Puerto, which is located in the city's marine complex. There, you will find a nice ambience with all the services you may need, shops, restaurants, museums, aquarium, etc. In summer music Festivals are held in the Old Port square.

Alicante city and port

Driving in Alicante

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How to get to Alicante city from Alicante airport

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