Nightlife in Alicante

Alicante nightlife has many nightclubs for all tastes. The Old Town is undoubtedly one of the liveliest areas with its many bars and clubs where you can have a drink or listen to live music. In this area there are also restaurants, pubs and two cinemas. The surrounding streets are filled with trendy cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. The port is another part of town that has recently attracted tourists and locals with its variety of bars, terraces, discos, cafes and restaurants. In summer, the Alicante nightlife is concentrated around the bars of the Beaches of San Juan and Postiguet.

El barrio nightlife

It is without a doubt most popular. In total old helmet we can find the diverse premises of youthful diversion to have drinks and to listen to live music or disc. Account with restaurants, inns, pubs. Most of its streets they are peatonales

La misión Nightclub

Description: Its a pub which opens Thursday, Fridays and Satudays from 23.30 to 4.30am. The local has 3 floors and is located in "El Barrio" surroundings.

Very quiet local, with loud music but not cheap drinks. The local interior is very extense and people´s age in there is around the 25 and 40 years old.

Address: Virgen de Belén, 9
Phone: 96 514 35 22

La zona Nightlife

Located in the street San Fernando and the environs. Point of encounter and diversion for young people. In the zone we found coffees fashionable, restaurants of luxury, pubs and discotecas.

Ruta de la madera Nightlife

The Avd. is located behind the back of Alfonso XII the Wise person. We can find pubs, restaurants of American and Irish type, breweries, as well as halls you and coffee.

Alicante port

New zone, flood of pubs, terraces outdoors, disco, coffee shops, luxury restaurants, ice cream parlours . In summer the nocturnal diversion is transferred to "SAN JUAN BEACH" where there are many pubs, disco, bars, bowlings, and so on...

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