San Juan de Alicante, Spain

San Juan de Alicante, located in the region of Campo de Alicante, is mainly famous for its beach, being a fantastic tourist spot but also because of it has a very interesting monumental legacy. The old quarter of this town is the home for various monuments like the parish church from the 17th century, and the hermitages of Calvario from the 18th century and the Santa Ana one from the 16th century Not very far away from San Juan is the Monastery of Santa Faz, that is the destination of the pilgrimage that happens on the 2nd Thursday following the Holy Week. San Juan de Alicante it is just at 8 km from the capital, combines its agricultural tradition with an active tourist industry, based mainly on the vast, 7km-long beach.

San Juan beaches are the main coastal attraction in the Alicante municipal district, because of their length and width, as well as the wonderful leisure facilities that San Juan de Alicante offers. Open to the Mediterranean Levant, with its soft sands, it is an ideal place to stroll, bathe and practise water sports.

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